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Fuel Cells, Flow Batteries and Supercapacitors: Materials and Devices

The need for flexible electrochemical approaches to energy generation and storage stimulates hopefully low cost approaches to future devices, as opposed to approaches using platinum group metals, volatile organic chemicals and potentially hazardous metal-air batteries.
The subjects to be summarised include use of development and use of alkaline membranes, alkaline polymer fuel cells and associated catalysts, all vanadium flow batteries, and aqueous approaches to enhanced energy density supercapacitors.
Bob Slade leads the energy systems and functional devices team at the University of Surrey, which is 40 km South-West of central London.   He has an extended record of working on materials and devices for electrochemical energy systems.  Current research also includes functionalised commercial graphenes in energy devices, alkaline water electrolysis and ammonia as a high energy density energy vector.
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