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Associate Professor  Zhe An

Office: 010-64434897

Tel: 18518036668

Fax: 010-64425385


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 Beijing University of Chemical Technology



Beijing University of Chemical Technology









Research Experience



University of Utah

Visiting scholar

2014.12- Now

Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Associate professor


Beijing University of Chemical Technology






Research Interests:

Supported Molecular Catalysis and Supported Metal Catalysis

Ø  Fabrication of super-molecular structural amino acid heterogenous catalyst for the asymmetric Aldol reaction using anionic clays as intercalated support,

Ø Fabrication and tuning of the nanoscale bio-interfaces based on the highly-dispersive LDHs and helical silica nanomaterials for enantioselective reactions and the optoelectronic energy transfer,

Ø Supported noble catalysts for naphtha reforming and cellulose reforming reactions using LDHs as precursors towards the lattice orientation/lattice confinement,

Ø Fundamental studies of the interfacial hierarchical assembly behaviors and the reaction mechanism within the confined space,

Ø New route to synthesize chiral mesoporous materials




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2.       Corresponding author

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3.      Others

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