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Lecture  Chengyou Lin

Office:  Xingzheng Building 328




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 Beijing Normal University



 Beijing Jiaotong University



Research Experience


2013.2- Now

Beijing University of Chemical Technology



Research Interests:


Ø EUV multilayer

Ø ultrafast optics

Øsurface Plasmon resonance sensor




1.        C. Lin*, S. Chen, Z. Chen, Y. Ding, Design of broad angular phase retarders for the complete polarization analysis of extreme ultraviolet radiation, Chinese Physics B, 24, 117802, 2015.

2.        C. Lin*, S. Chen, Z. Chen*, Y. Ding, Design of reflective quarter-wave plate in extreme ultraviolet, Optics Communications, 347, 98-101, 2015.

3.        C. Lin*, S. Chen, Z. Chen, Design of transmissive quarter-wave plate in the extreme ultraviolet by aperiodic multilayer, Optics Communications, 326, 70-73, 2014.

4.        C. Lin, S. Chen, D. Liu*, Characterization of periodic multilayer mirrors optimized for single attosecond pulse reflection, Optik, 124(11), 990-993, 2013.

5.        C. Lin, S. Chen, D. Liu*, Improving attosecond pulse reflection by large angle incidence for periodic multilayer mirror in the extreme ultraviolet region, Chinese Physics B, 22(1), 014210, 2013.

6.        C. Lin, S. Chen, D. Liu*, Y. Liu, Attosecond stretcher-compressor using aperiodic multilayer, IEEE Photonics Journal, 4(5), 1281-1287, 2012.

7.        C. Lin, D. Liu*, Reflecting single attosecond pulse by periodic Mo/Si multilayer mirrors with different layers, Chinese Physics B, 21(9), 094216, 2012.

8.        S. Chen, C. LinH. Gao, Design of broadband transmission quarter-wave plates for polarization control of isolated attosecond pulses, Journal of Optics, 17(7), 075601, 2015.


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