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The Department of Physics


At present there are 32 teachers, 5 full professors and 11 vice professors in the Department of Physics in our College of Science. In order to meet the need of the rapid development of electronic science and information science, the Department of Physics focuses on the cultivation of high-level technical and management personnel who have theoretical basis experimental ability and specialized knowledge of physical electronics, optoelectronics and microelectronics. The personnel also ability to research on the fields of electronic materials, components and parts, integrated electronic system, optoelectronic device, the design of rapid determination meter photovoltaic system, instrument, check and control and communication. Now there are many large scale equipment including X-ray apparatus, argon ion laser, ruby laser, ultrasonic testing device and infrared spectrometer. 

  In recent years, our department has done a lot of work on the aspects of the research of high-temperature superconductor, laser-matter interaction, the research of applied laser spectroscopy, ferromagnetic, the electromagnet material, nanoscaled magnetic materials. We also have paid much efforts to the applied research of sound, magnetism, light, electricity and modern monitoring technology.



The Department of Electronic Science and Technology


 Our department focuses on the cultivation of the advanced technology and management personnel who grasp the basis theories, specialized knowledge and experimental ability in the field of physical electronics, and they could work on the design, production and the research and development on the corresponding new products, technologies of all kinds of electronic material and components, optoelectronic material and components, optical communication and information optics, the design of integrate electronic system and electron-optical system. These talents usually have all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique.

On the aspects of curriculum provision, our department adopts the principles of “profound foundation, wide caliber and heavy practicality. We lay emphasis on the basic teaching of English, Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Info Electronic Technology and computer technology. The students of our department learn systematically the knowledge and corresponding experimental courses of circuitous philosophy, electronic technique, principle of computer, C language program and design, electronic material, electron device, laser principle, semiconductor physics, optoelectronic technique, communication technology and modern testing technology. Meanwhile we set up three discipline orientations and special programs including electronic materials and components, photoelectric technology and modern testing technology.

    Our department has good teaching body and teaching conditions. We also have advantages over practical teaching section, new teaching technology and training of project application. We attach importance to the cultivation of the abilities of working knowledge, innovation and social competition. The graduates have strong adaptive capacity and wide adaptability. They could work in the research, development and management of the aspects such as electronic science, computer science, information science and testing technology in companies, enterprises and government offices.

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