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 Our university set up Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics in 1987. Approved by the Ministry of Education, we established the Department of Applied Mathematics and began to enroll students in the same year. With the approval of Ministry of Education, we set up the Department of Information and Computer Science. Our university set up College of Science in 2000. The Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics was divided into the Department of Mathematics and Department of Physics, which were vest in College of Science at the same time. In the same year, the Department of Information and Computer Science began to recruit students with an enrollment of 120 people each year. Since 1995, it has changed its enrollment into 90 people each year. Since 2010, the Department of Mathematics of College of Science has begun to recruit students according to mathematics majors with an enrollment of 90 people per year. The students accept basic training when they are freshmen and sophomores. When they become junior students, their study directions are divided into three including “financial mathematics”, “mathematics and applied mathematics” and “information and computing science”. In 2012, the College of Science carried out institutional reforms and established three departments (the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Management and Statistics and the Department of Information and Computer Science) and Mathematical Modeling Laboratories. At present there are 44 teachers in Department of Mathematics, including 37 scholars who have doctorates, 6 full professors and 19 vice professors.

In the aspect of master’s education, the specialties of Applied Mathematics and Basic Mathematics was authorized to confer master’s degree respectively in 2000 and 2005. It was authorized to confer master’s degree in level-1 mathematics discipline in 2010 with a current enrollment of 25 people. Some of the graduates choose to be teachers, some choose to study for doctor’s degrees and some go to companies to develop software. In recent years, this discipline has experienced rapid development, and has important supporting function to the development of our university’s science and engineering departments. The teachers of this discipline maintain close and cooperative relations of scientific researches with other teachers of engineering departments and business and economic departments. They also carry out wide academic exchanges with their peers in a few colleges and universities of China and foreign countries. On the aspects of twin-screw geometry, the establishments and solutions of reactor mathematics model, dynamical system, the solution’s character and numerical method of model of the nonlinear partial differential equations, singularity theory and its application, multilayer planning and optimization algorithms, large-scale science and engineering calculation, wavelet analysis theory and its application and nonlinear theory of the hydrodynamic stability, it has reached the world’s advanced level.

For many years, the teachers of this discipline have been working hard, quietly dedicating themselves and making contributions to the cultivation of all kinds of talents. They gained outstanding achievements in Mathematical Contest in Modeling of America and China and the curricula construction of mathematical modeling. In 2014 they have won 15 prizes of mathematics competition. The courses of “Advanced Mathematics” and “Linear Algebra” have been awarded “Quality Courses of Beijing”; the teaching team of engineering mathematics won the honorary title of “Outstanding Teaching Team of Beijing”; one teacher has won the award of “Beijing Famous Teachers”; two teachers have won the title of “Outstanding Teachers of Mathematical Modeling across the Country”; one teacher has won the title of “Outstanding Teachers of Mathematical Modeling in Beijing”. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the research ability and professional mastery of teachers and the introduction of the excellent talents from home and abroad. The constructions of undergraduate programs and master pilot of mathematics have also obtained considerable development.
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