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Laboratory Center of Chemistry

 Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT)is not only a key university affiliated to the Ministry of the Education, but a national key construction university of 211-project. With the construction in the past 50 years, BUCT has developed into a comprehensive key university with the solid foundation of science, the strength of engineering and many disciplines of arts, law, management and economics.


Since 1996, our university made a reform on management system of chemical laboratory. The laboratories that were affiliated with applied chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry and physical chemistry combine and build a basic chemical laboratory with the systemic-overall reforming and construction of the hardware and software environments of laboratory. We make an overall plan for the management of experiment funds, system and management level. In June 1996, our laboratory first obtained the lab evaluation, which was organized by Beijing Municipal Education Commission. 

In 2001, in order to make a further integration of experimental teaching resources, BUCT consecutively set up 9 experimental teaching centers, which contain a key construction project, the chemistry experiment teaching center.

After the establishment of chemistry experiment teaching center, our school has invested nearly 14 million RMB, building a center with large-scale and high-level. We not only purchase large equipment, but focus on the renewal of conventional experiment instruments, whose replacement rate could achieve 90%. Our teaching center has 3100 square meters usable area of laboratories, 7.06 million RMB fix assets and 1493 instrument sets.

Our Chemical Experimental Teaching Center is equipped with 5 professional leading teachers who teach experiments, 32 part-time teachers who are in charge of laboratory procedure, 5 professional lab technicians. Among these people, there are 10 full professors, 15 vice professors. More than 70% teachers have doctor’s degree, forming a teaching team that has senior professional titles, high academic qualifications, reasonable age structure, high-level teaching and strong research capacities.

Over the past ten years, the construction of our Chemical Experimental Teaching Center has greatly developed. The chemistry teaching base of national engineering foundation courses has been awarded the title of top base. The subject of Chemistry Experiment was awarded the title of National Superior Course in 2005. The textbook of Chemistry Experiment was rated as Excellent Teaching Material in Beijing in 2004, and was listed as the topics of National Planned Textbook for “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”. Our center undertakes 9 National Teaching Reform Projects, 4 Teaching Reform Projects of Beijing. It has won 5 prizes of National Outstanding Teaching Achievement, 11 prizes of Beijing Outstanding Teaching Achievement. What’s more, our center has published more than 10 textbooks of chemical series courses, 11 idiomatical coursewares, more than 60 teaching research theses. Two teachers have won National Teaching Masters Award. In 2005 our Chemical Experimental Teaching Center was awarded The Experimental Demonstrating Center of Beijing. In 2008 the chemistry series course of engineering was titled National Excellent Teaching Team. In 2008 the Teaching Experiment Center of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering united by the departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was approved as National Teaching demonstrating Center. 

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