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Inorganic Chemistry

 Inorganic chemistry is a division of chemistry that studies the sources, preparations, structures, natures, changes and applications of research elements, simple substances and inorganic compounds. The researches and solutions of the basic scientific questions of inorganic chemistry in the fields of materials, life, energies, information and environment are the important research contents.

The subject of inorganic chemistry received the right to grant master’s degree in 2003, and received the right to grant doctor’s degree in 2005. In 2007 this subject was declared Municipal Key Discipline in Beijing successfully. The department of inorganic chemistry of our College of Science in our university undertakes the construction assignment of the discipline of inorganic chemistry. At present there are 15 teaching and administrative staff, among whom there are 3 full professors, 8 vice professors, 4 doctoral supervisors, 14 people who have doctorates and 2 people who have been awarded the title of “New Century Excellent Talents”.

The department of inorganic chemistry is in charge of the basic course teaching of inorganic chemistry of the College of Science. It also bears the teaching jobs of the basic courses including Basic Chemistry, College Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry, the basic professional curriculum including Inorganic Synthesis and the Development of Modern Instrument Analysis and the graduate courses including Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, Applied Electrochemistry, and Chemical and Biological Sensing Technology. At the mean time, our department also undertakes the tasks to guide graduate design for undergraduates and to guide the graduate students to carry out scientific researches. The teachers of our department devote themselves completely to the education and educational reforms. They also participate in many national-and-school-level teaching reform projects. Many of the teachers have won the teaching achievement prizes of Beijing and school level. The subject of Inorganic Chemistry is rated as the top-quality course of school level, school-level bi-lingual model course and national bi-lingual model course of Ministry of Education in 2010.

After many years’ development, the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of BUCT has formed four characteristic research directions including “Intercalation Chemistry”, “Chemistry of micro-Nano Materials”, “Chemistry of Functional Materials Assembly” and “Coordination Chemistry”. The teachers of our apartment bear many projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, provincial scientific research projects and crossing research projects. In the fields of energy conversion and energy storage materials, electrochemical transducer and testing technology, the synthesis, separation and assembly of functional colloidal nanoparticles, inorganic nano functional materials and the researches of catalyst and absorbing materials, they yield substantial results. On the internationally famous journals including Angew. Chem. Int. Edit., J. Am. Chem. Soc., ACS Nano., Chem. Commun. and Biosensor Bioelectron, the teachers have published a large number of scientific papers. They also have applied many international and national invention patents. Some of the patents have got practical applications in chemical industry production, achieving certain economic and social benefits.

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