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Applied Chemistry

 The department of applied chemistry was founded in 1985 is now under the faulty of science, which was founded in 2000.The department of applied chemistry has 14 faculty and staff members, including 2 full professors, 4 associate professors and 3 doctoral supervisors. Among our department members, 10 of them have doctorates and 1 is an on-job doctorate. Until now, applied chemistry major has more than 1000 undergraduates, more than 400 graduate students, nearly 100 doctor students and more than 10 foreign students. Over the years, our department has developed a large number of outstanding construction talents.

The applied chemistry discipline is not only the most typical National Key Discipline of BUCT, but the the municipal and national key specialty. It has the right to grant bachelor's degree, master’s degree and doctor’s degree. The department of applied chemistry undertakes the constructing assignment of applied chemistry specialty.

The applied chemistry specialty of our university has distinct background characteristic of science. Relying on State key Laboratory of Chemical Resource Engineering Laboratory and Basic Research Laboratory of Assessment and Accident Identification of New Hazardous Chemicals, our specialty emphasizes the combination of basic research and applied research. Facing national key development areas and great demands, we focus on the areas of resource, energy and environmental conservation, we track and lead the newest scientific and technical achievements, in order to research and develop high and new-technology products with high additional value and independent intellectual property rights at a high starting multidisciplinary point. Our specialty plays a big role in creating a new national economic growth point and driving the technical progress of chemical industry, light industry, daily chemical industry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, pesticide industry, environmental protection industry and energy industry.  

In recent 5 years, the professors of our department carry on several in-depth scientific researches such as clean fuel and new energy technology, preparation chemistry of new material and catalyst, applied electrochemistry and materials protection technology, fine chemicals synthesis chemistry, ultrafine powder and composites research, new chemical safety assessment, the management of air pollution and the efficient use of natural resources. The department undertakes and manages more than 20 longitudinal and cross-sectional research projects, including the National Basic Research Program of China "973", the national "863" project, the science foundation programs, and the funding project that was supported by China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation and CNPC ( China National Petroleum Corporation )with more than 10 million research funding. Our department published more than 200 papers in national core periodicals and more than 100 of them were included in SCI and EI. The department applied for more than 40 patents, and many of them had been industrialized and created large economic benefits for companies.   

The graduates of applied chemistry have wide areas of employment. They can not only carry on technical work such as developing new technology, compounding new products, organizing production, examining the quality of products and monitoring environment in the areas of light industry, chemical industry, petrochemical, energy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical industry, building materials, food health protection, industrial enterprises and technology companies, but undertakes the scientific researches, teaching and technical supervision about applied chemistry in scientific research institutions, institutions of higher learning and the administrative department for business. In recent years, the first employment rate of applied chemistry graduates is more than 95%.

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